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I was honored to be a part of such a moving evening. I feel blessed to be a part of such an magical place with such amazing people and even more wonderful animals. I wish somehow I could make it full time because like the speakers said, to them, it's their own little slice of heaven.  It has certainly been that for me as well.  - Meghan, Stirrup Hope Volunteer

Meghan, Stirrup Hope Volunteer


By Testimonials
We want to share why we love Makayla’s Hands on Horses and Quantum Leap Farm.

Our daughter was diagnosed at 3 with a rare cancer and is now in remission at age 5.  Since May we have visited the Farm quite a few times.  We live in Lakeland, so it is a trek, but worth every mile.  To see her face light up when I tell her we are going is just the best feeling in the world.  It is a safe haven for her and her brothers.  It is just amazing to see them laugh together and do something where they are on equal ground.  Having a place like this to go and spend quality time together where our daughter is not singled out because of her issues is incredible and almost impossible to put into words.  She tells everyone that she has a special Farm where all her family and cancer friends can go and have fun.  For us, that is the best reason to continue this wonderful program.  God bless you all!