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E.A.S.E. stands for Equine-Assisted Self Exploration and focuses on mental and emotional health.

It was the most peaceful experience I've had since I was in combat. The ladies were so patient and caring. Thank you.

At EASE Military Participant

E.A.S.E (Equine-Assisted Self Exploration)

This program facilitates learning through experiences with horses in specifically designed activities for emotional and relational growth. The horse’s innate ability to sense the imbalance between the outward self and the inner self creates a powerful tool for self-exploration and adjustment.

E.A.S.E. is the process and the goal aided by the horse. The program is effective for corporate team building, recovery support, couples, families and individuals.

EAGALA Model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Engaging, Active and Effective– Experiences with horses in the EAGALA model EAP provide real opportunities for mirroring life which helps you quickly see the problems and find solutions that work for you
  • For Everyone- Working with individuals, families or groups, and with all ages, EAGALA model EAP provides powerful opportunities to get to the heart of the issues and lead to healthier communication, stronger partnerships and happier relationships.
  • For Any Problem- Whether treating addictions, trauma, social and behavioral disorders, depression or other issues, EAGALA model EAP can help you find meaningful, lasting solutions.
  • Grounded- In EAGALA model EAP, work with horses is done on the ground, and no prior knowledge of horses is needed
  • Professional Therapy- The EAGALA model of EAP involves a team incorporating the skills of a licensed mental health professional, an experienced equine specialist, and horse(s) – working with you to successfully reach your goals.

“Horses thus offer us a unique opportunity to see ourselves in ‘divine mirrors’ reflecting back the chi we give off in the moment horses react to what lies in our hearts not in our heads. They are not confused by the words we use to lie to ourselves or hide from others”.

Zen Mind Zen Horse, Allan J. Hamilton, MD

Military Programs

Our E.A.S.E. program works extensively with local military organizations and military service members from all over the United States. We conduct Warrior Mission: At Ease Retreats with wounded warriors, Women of Warriors (W.O.W.), Wounded Warrior Project and SOCOM Family Care Coalition. Many service members suffer the effects of post-traumatic stress (PTS) and/or traumatic brain injuries (TBI) resulting from war. Equine-assisted therapy can significantly benefit these men and women as they heal and reintegrate into civilian life.

Warrior Mission At Ease Retreats

Quantum Leap Farm provides a full weekend of equine-assisted therapeutic activities for members. Military members from all over the United States fly into Tampa to experience this unforgettable weekend. Read More

Women of Warrior Retreats

The W.O.W At EASE program is specifically designed to serve an oft-forgotten population of caregivers. These women come to us from all over the U.S. overwhelmed, exhausted and isolated and leave empowered, renewed and connected. Read More

E.A.S.E. Director

Jenna earned her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and is EAGALA certified. Not only does she bring her brains to work, but her hearts, hands, ears and eyes too. Combine all of that with years of horsemanship and this gal facilitates a truly unforgettable therapeutic experience.

Jenna Miller, MA, LMHC

Program Director

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