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Quantum Leap Farm’s Mark Lalli on the Dr. Phil Show

By December 19, 2018April 21st, 2020Media, Portraits

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How Wounded Warrior Project Is Helping Veterans Not Only Survive, But Thrive

December 19, 2018
During a routine army training mission in November 2007, Mark’s helicopter crash-landed and six of the 11 people on board were killed. Mark survived, but the accident dramatically changed his life forever.

“I was crushed from head to toe,” he says. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, nearly 30 broken bones and spent two years in physical therapy.

The veteran says his turning point came when a volunteer from Wounded Warrior Project came to visit him in the hospital and “promised” him that they would never leave him or his family behind. “It’s training that I got from Wounded Warrior Project. It’s helped me move past what I’ve been through,” Mark says.

Through Wounded Warrior Project, Mark learned about equine therapy. He became a regular at Quantum Leap Farm, which offers rehab to wounded soldiers, and that’s where he met the love of his life, Margo.

Now married and the father of twin girls, Mark is helping other veterans transition from military to civilian life.

On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Mark, Margo and Mike Richardson, VP of Mental Health Services at Wounded Warrior Project, join Dr. Phil.

“Since 2003, Wounded Warrior Project has been helping our wounded, ill and injured veterans and their families not only survive in their communities, but really thrive. And not just in the recovery period, but as they see and realize really bright futures,” Mike says. “Because of the incredible generosity of American donors, our warriors and their families never pay a penny for any of our life-saving programs. They paid their dues on the battlefield, as well as in their service to our country.”

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