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Team Building | Corporate Workshops

Learn about yourself, your colleagues and how to optimize your collective strengths (and…eccentricities) to achieve greatness.


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Corporate Workshops at Quantum Leap Farm are full-day team building workshops to help you and your colleagues optimize your gifts and talents, and learn new tools for working together to be the strongest, most productive team possible. They combine half-day programs of hands-on horse activities with Quantum Leap Farm and team coaching and personality discovery with Innovative Team Solutions.

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At E.A.S.E. Workshop with Quantum Leap Farm

Jenna Miller, MA, LMHC has over 25 years of horse experience and is a certified EAGALA professional trained to administer equine-assisted growth and learning for therapeutic or professional purposes. She facilitates group E.A.S.E. exercises while maintaining a productive, safe environment.

E.A.S.E. (Equine Assisted Self Exploration) is learning through customized activities with horses for emotional and relational growth. Interacting with horses enables you to make powerful discoveries about yourself, your relationships and the world around you. Discover how you and your colleagues can work smarter to develop a more positive, cohesive corporate culture.

All equine work is done on the ground, not on horseback. No prior knowledge of horses is needed. Get hands-on experience observing, leading, and communicating with horses, navigating challenges and obstacles with your team and equine partners.

Team Education with Innovative Team Solutions

Ellen Nastir, M.Ed, PCC founded Innovative Team Solutions and is a certified professional coach with advanced training in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching and Positive Psychology.

Ellen’s expertise is developing employees’ people skills to complement their technical skills and abilities. With improvements in those areas, her clients achieve increased productivity and retention as well as stronger communication skills, problem- solving and conflict resolution. She helps individuals to better understand themselves and the perspectives of others, as well as leading educational team meetings for professional and personal development.

This program incorporates customized team coaching to meet your organization’s needs. Follow up sessions available at your location.

Workshop Team

Jenna Miller, LMHC

Behavioral Cons. & Equine Spec.

Ellen Nastir, M.Ed, PCC

Leadership Consultant

Full Day Workshops

  • Enjoy a morning session of E.A.S.E. equine therapy and and afternoon session of Team Education professional coaching for a full-day immersive workshop.
  • 1-hour lunch break on outdoor patio overlooking 20 acres of green pastures of Quantum Leap Farm.
  • Free consultation to determine your group’s goals and interests.
  • Pricing includes lunch, refreshments, and materials for up to 12 people*.

For equine sessions, all work is done on the ground, not on horseback. No prior knowledge of horses is needed.

*For an additional charge, more attendees can be accommodated. No more than 16 people. Complete application for pricing.

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Effective For:

Small or Large Businesses

Professional Organizations

C-Level Leadership

Management Teams




“Working with the horses and relating it to my leadership and communication style was an eye-opening experience. “

-Harris, Hunt & Derr, P.A.

Benefits for the Entire Company




Emotional Intelligence




Problem-Solving Skills


Conflict Resolution


Client Satisfaction

“It was important for us to realize that different team members have different information to create the whole picture. We are still using what we learned from this workshop! “

-Dunedin Fine Arts Center

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