Sustainer Society

Sustainer Society members ensure our future by offering their generous support over time. We thank the following individuals for their kindness, forethought and exceptional dedication to Quantum Leap Farm’s mission.

Endure Level: $25,000+ annually

Cornelia Corbett
The Brink Foundation
DAV Charitabe Service Trust
Major Gen. Steven J. Hashem
Mr. Auto Glass
Todd Sherman
Joanne & Cy Spurlino

Achieve Level: $10,000+ annually

Assured Guaranty
Maureen & Hank Booth, III
Al Dopking
Daniel M. Doyle, Jr.
Christine & Don Jowdy
Jackie & Frank Ripa
Jennifer Steinbrenner-Swindal

Overcome Level: $5,000+ annually

Dr. Edie Dopking
David Finkel
Jane & Hank Floyd, Jr.
Lee Ann & Henry Hilsman
Dr. Brad Johnson
Margo & Mark Lalli
Lydia & Anthony Malafronte
Mary Ann & Buddy Skinner
Roberta Skinner
Mindy & William Taylor

Grow Level: $2,500+ annually

Ali & Mark Ansley
Patricia & Brad Douglas
Jane & Jerry Ford

Believe Level: $1,000+ annually

Wendi & Michael Addessi
Kris & Tim Bagniefski
Lee Behensky
Kimberly & Patrick Bienvenue
Jeri Byrnes
Pat Calafell
Darcey Callender
Elizabeth & Mike Carrere
Kathy & Fitz Conner
Nancy & Steve Crane
Ann & Bill Crowder
Susan Dei
Genevieve & Lawrence Dimmitt
Ruth & Tom duPont
Megan & Thomas Feindt
Elizabeth & Marcelino Garcia
Charlotte & Charlie Hardwick
Malcolm Harris
Shelly & Glenn Hayden

Wendi & Nick Hoffer
Lisa Smithson
Gilbert Joseph
Hilary & Steve Kasarjian
Virginia Klein
Kim & Neil Lamis
Dr. Katherine Lewis
Lou Phillips Painting, Inc.
Joe Logar
Cheryl & Chad Lucente
Kelli Mitchell
Maretta Mott
Dixie Myers
Beth & Clovis Neal
Jeannie & Ken Nicholson
Sarah Page
Ali & Dennis Pitocco
Maya & Alfonso Ponce
Jacqueline Preis

Marsha Reimink
Susan & Fred Rice
Cindy & Bill Risser
Erica & Carl Rude
Karlyn & Marc Sachs
Amy & David Silver
Jayne & John D. Simmons
Andreanna & Tommy Simon
E. Carol & David Stefany
Catherine & Patrick Storch
Gabriela & Liviu Tanase
Jessica & Eric Thiel
Nettie Thomson
Debra & Todd Turner
Jeffrie & Harry Van Loveren
Laura & Roger Vaughan
Tane Wilson
Barbara Woods

Pegasus Partners

Our Pegasus Partners are community businesses who contribute a portion of their sales to Quantum Leap Farm. Their partnership creates sustainability and awareness for our mission.

Heritage Society

We thank our Heritage Club members and their families for their love, forethought and caring. The following individuals have included Quantum Leap Farm in their wills or bequests.

Chuck Boardman, PhD
Edie Dopking, PhD
Betty Glass
Dr. Laura Hair
Don and Christine Jowdy
Annette Thomson

Blue Ribbon Donors:

$20,000 a year and above

The Advocare Foundation, Ltd.
The Brink Foundation
Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust
Al Dopking
Edie Dopking
Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring
Mr. Auto Glass
Christine and Don Jowdy
Special Operations Warrior Foundation
The Spurlino Foundation
The White Family Foundation
William Stamps Farish Fund

Red Ribbon Donors:

$10,000 – $19,999 a year

Assured Guaranty Corporation
Ansley Family
Bank of America
Buffalo Wild Wings
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
Cornelia Corbett
DAV Charitable Services Trust
Daniel M. Doyle, Jr.
Lammot duPont
Cinda Erbaugh
Laurin and Rex Farrior
David Finkel

The Frank E. Duckwall Foundation, Inc.
Ami Forte
Jessica and Christopher Irvine
Margo and Mark Lalli
Kathleen and Gregory Larson
Less & Judy Smout Foundation, Inc.
The Lightning Foundation
Lowry Murphey Family Foundation
Lydia and Anthony Malafronte
George Mulry
National Philanthropic Trust
New York Yankees Tampa Foundation

Princeton Area Community Foundation, Inc.
Bill Purdy
Jackie and Frank Ripa
Andrea and Matthew Silverman
Joanne and Cyrus Spurlino
Suncoast Credit Union
Suncoast Equity Management, Inc.
Jenny Steinbrenner Swindal
TECO Energy Foundation, Inc.
John Thomas, Pinch A Penny
Robert Thomas
USAA Foundation

Yellow Ribbon Donors:

$5,000 – $9,999 a year

American Express Company
Peter Bartlett
The Carrere Family
Children’s Board of Hillsborough County
Robert Coates
Ruth and Thomas duPont
Easel Aid, Ryan West
Employees of American Express
Employees of Goldman Sachs & C0.

Lee Anne and Henry Hilsman
Jennifer and B-G Holmberg
Jacarlene Foundation
John H. Sykes Foundation
Brad Johnson, M.D.
Joan and Fred S. Karam, Sr.
Gregory Larson
Microlumen, Inc.
William O’Brien
Christina and Bruce Owen
Devin Phillips

Mary Pond
Katie Register
RIPA & Associates, LLC
Kim Roche
Sierra Family Foundation
Mary Ann and Buddy Skinner
Roberta Skinner
Robert Spellman
Mindy and William Taylor
TEGNA Foundation
Kay Annis Wilson

White Ribbon Donors:

$2,500 – $4,999 a year

AG Land Management
David Andersen
Diane and Sam Barsoum
Daniel Bingham
Brown & Brown of Florida, Inc.
Jeri and William Byrnes
Joseph Carney
Terrel and Joe Clark
Copperhead Charities, Inc.
Brandon Day
Christopher Deissler
Nathan Dopking
Ed Droesch
duPont Registry
Florida Executive Realty HOPE Foundation
William Floyd
Gator Ford

Friends of Military Families
Mike Frey
Robert Johnston
Mark and Clark Lea
Robert Liess
Marc Livolsi
Marino Lorza
Jackie and Lee Martino
John Madaska
Odessa Feed Depot
Tracey Pearce
Post Hope Foundation, Inc.
Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Inc.
Maria and John Rice
Nancy Rigling
Beth and Mark Ritchie
Jeffrey Roy

Martin Ryan
Jeff Scully
Skip Selle
Simpson Air
Barbara E. Smallwood
Shimberg Charitable Trust
Carla and Dewayne Staats
Jeffry Stern
Carol and Bill Stowasser
Tampa Bay Rays
Tampa Bay Times Fund, Inc.
Tampa Bay Trust Company
Jessica and Eric Thiel
Dan Toboja
William Tricarico
Helen and Rufus Williams

Green Ribbon Donors:

$1,000 – $2,499 a year

Les Aaron
Addessi Financial Partners
Steven Amerio
Amvets Post 9
Anchor Tampa, Inc.
Lisa and Mark Atterbury
Martha and Tom Azzarelli
John Claude Bahrenburg
Sean Bates
Kimberly and Patrick Bienvenue
Bizintel Solutions
Vi-Ella and Robert Blanco
Charles Boardman
James Bond
Brady Law Group, PLC
Cynthia Brock
Ed Bulleit
ByLight Professional IT Services
Daniel Carlton
Kristin and Brian Cebuhar
Allison and Tom Chaby
Choice HR
Combined Federal Campaign
Nancy and Steve Crane
Edward Curland
Jayne Crews-Linton
Crystal Springs Preserve
Carl Daniels
Brandon Day
DeBartolo Family Foundation
Susan and Dick Dei
Mary Diana and Chuck Leiber
Lawrence Dimmitt
Don Germaise Foundation
Beth Dopking Neal
Patricia and Bradford Douglas
Paul Dunlop
Becky and Tom Elligett
Bob Fields
Fishman Family Foundation
Jane and Jerry Ford
Elizabeth and Marcelino Garcia
Laurie and Charles Garvey
Mike Gheradini
Golfers vs. Brain Cancer
Gilbert Gonzolez
GulfShore Bank
Charlotte Woodward Hardwick
Nancy and Malcolm Harris
Benjamin Harrison
Martha and Steven Hashem
Henry J. Thomas Memorial Post 845 VFW

Ken Heretick
John Hermes
Hieronymous Charities, Inc.
Sara and Frederick Humphries
Lisa and Danilo J. Iglesias
Michael Jentis
Chelsea and Hal Johnson
Susan and David Johnson
Mark Jones
Gilbert Joseph
The Junior League of Tampa
Hillary and Steve Kasarjian
Karena and David Kilcoyne
Ann Marie and Richard Lalli
Carole Lawson
Jolene and Randy Loos
Lou Phillips Painting, Inc.
Carmellia and Douglas Loyd
Cheryl and Chad Lucente
Jeffrey Mahoney
Graeme Malloch
Kirk Malone
Sharon Marino
Timothy J. McCabe
Jason McCall
Deana and Mark McGowan
Joanne and Michael McNabb
Alison and William McNerney
Richard Mendolia
Steve Milano
Julia Miller
Christy Mitchell
Marc Mobley
Maretta Mott
Joshua Mulholland
George Mulry
John C. Murrow
Dixie and Corneal Myers
Teresa and James O’Connell
William O’Keefe
Operation Helping Hand
Sarah Page
Todd R. Palmer
John Paskalides
Paw Materials
Scott Phillips
Carla and Greg Powers
Jackie Preis
Luciano Prida
Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.

Quarles & Brady
Cynthia H. Ramm
Thomas Rasmussen
Donna and Richard Reidy
Marsha and Jim Reimink
Jordan Rhoads
Meghan and Robert Richards
Eleanor A. and Roger O. Roberds
Dr. Lillivette Rolland and Dr. Edgard Ramos-Santos
Tommy T. Routt
Deborah and Steven Rovner
Carl and Erica Rude
Christine Ruppel
Marty Ryan
Karlyn and Marc Sachs
Edmund Safee
Sanibel/Captiva Trust Company
Tom Saul
Gina and Charles M. Savko
Jennifer and Ken Shin
Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP
John D. Simmons
Diane and Philip Simonetti
Catherine and Bob Smith
Staats Behavioral Health Consulting
Patrick Storch
Kristi Stovall
Suncoast Combined Federal Campaign
SunTrust Bank
Tampa Bay Host Committee
Tampa General Hospital
Bob Theisen
John Thro
Cynthia and Bruce Tigert
UR Crossfit
Sherri Van Eyck
Laura Vaughan
Douglas Vissicchio
Tammy Vitte
Warehouse Point Family Foundation
George M. Wheatley
Stephanie and Daniel Wheeler
Stacey Whidden
Nancy Whitehurst
Kathy Wiggins
William John Harris Trust
Tane Wilson
Patricia A. Wohlfiel
Robert and Donna Williams
Barbara Woods
Kristen B. Young

Pink Ribbon Donors:

$500 – $999 a year

A. American Insurance
Allen Family Foundation
Alpha Graphics
Jean and William Anton
Mark Ansley
Melanie and Todd Atkinson
Richard Backa
Michael Baldwin
Barsema Family Foundation
Diane and Sam Barsoum
Kurt Beck
Sheila and David Beyer
Tina Bollenback
James “Randy” Burleyson
Lilian and Marshall Burnette
Hesham Butty
Joseph Caballero
Dorothy Cason
Jeffrey Cathey
Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Coldwell Banker Cares Foundation
Jeanne Coleman
Thomas Coleman
Kenneth J. Connolly
Ann and Bill Crowder
Byron Davidson
David Von Thaden Designs
Teresa and J.W. Davis
Richard Diestelkamp
Jamie Doffermyre
Ed Droesch
Susan Ann Dunigan
eHome Tampa Bay
Donnie Eliason
Adam C. Ellinger
Frances and Eugene Ewan
Steven Farmer
Rob Felins
Cherry and Felix Federowicz
Megan Hay and Thomas Feindt
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Bob Fields
Rick Fisher
Ford & Associates, Inc.
Laurie and Charles Garvey

Christina Anton and Gary Garcia, Jr.
Gayle and Dennis Geagan
Ashli and Christian Givens
Douglas Graska
Donna Gray
Patricia and Paul Grimminger
William E. Grob
Charles Grose
Hal R. Johnson, CPA
Kris Gunn-Hedstrom
Carol Hague
Jacqueline and Donald Hartter
Bonnie and Glenn Hess
Doug Holland
Mary Lib and George Howell
Terry Igo
Scott Isacksen
Holly and Scott Jacobs
James D. White, Sr. Family Foundation
Helen and Donald Jowdy, Snr.
Karena and David Kilcoyne
Robin Kippenberger
Barbara Lalli
Christine and Harold Langbehn
Mary and Clark Lea
Brandon Lingle
Little Everglades Ranch
Julie and Bartley Livolsi
Claire Lord
Marino Lorza
Cheryl and Chad Lucente
Tammy Lyall
Evelyn and Christopher Mack
Ray Madden
Annette and Greg Masters
Roseamary McAteer
Jason McCall
Joan McKay
Joseph Melchiorre, Jr.
Dianne and Mitchell McCartney
Debra and Timothy McLean
John Medaska
Matthew Menosky
Millennium Sertoma Club

Paul Minella
Joshua Mulholland
Nora and Mark Muller
Steven Norris
Jane and Michael Oneil
Kenneth O’Rorke
Charles Paviolitis, Jr.
Linda Jo and Norman Pellegrini
Tania Pike
Thomas Powers
Thomas Quinn
RAS Concrete Construction, Inc.
Deb Redmond
Dolores and Royce Reed
Nancy and William Reese
John Reynolds
Linda Roberts
Deborah and Mark Rosenthal
Teresa and John Roy
Dean Russel
Evelyn Ryan
Farid Saleh, Ehrlich Animal Hospital
Molly duPont Schaffer
Kathleen Schultz
Brad Settel
Virginia and Dennis Sexton
Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP
Kathleen Slaven
Sons of Amvets Squadron 9
Carol and Bill Stowasser
Peter Summers
Suncoast Combined Federal Campaign
Dan Toboja
Martha Thorn
Linda and Kenneth Villar
Ingrid and David Von Thaden
Kari T. Wagner
Karen and Robert Westfall