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Pegasus Partners

Our Pegasus Partners are community businesses who make contributions to Quantum Leap Farm. Their partnership creates sustainability and awareness for our mission.

Foundation Supporters

Thank you to our Foundation Supporters for making contributions to Quantum Leap Farm. Their support enables us to fulfill our mission and bring equine-assisted therapies to those dealing with emotional, mental and physical disabilities.

Sustainer Society

Sustainer Society members ensure our future by offering their generous support over time. We thank the following individuals for their kindness, forethought and exceptional dedication to Quantum Leap Farm’s mission.

Endure Level: $25,000+ annually

Cornelia Corbett
The Brink Foundation
DAV Charitabe Service Trust
Mr. Auto Glass
The Patriot Fund
Joanne & Cy Spurlino

Achieve Level: $10,000+ annually

Advocare Foundation, Ltd.
Assured Guaranty
Maureen & Hank Booth, III
Al Dopking
Daniel M. Doyle, Jr.
General Dynamics
Christine & Don Jowdy
Jackie & Frank Ripa
Jennifer Steinbrenner-Swindal

Overcome Level: $5,000+ annually

Dr. Edie Dopking
David Finkel
Jane & Hank Floyd, Jr.
Lee Ann & Henry Hilsman
John H. Sykes Foundation
Dr. Brad Johnson
Margo & Mark Lalli
Lydia & Anthony Malafronte
Mary Ann & Buddy Skinner
Roberta Skinner
Mindy & William Taylor

Grow Level: $2,500+ annually

Ali & Mark Ansley
Patricia & Brad Douglas
Kimmie & Howie Fine
Jane & Jerry Ford
PAR, Inc.
Ashley & Ben Porch

Believe Level: $1,000+ annually

Wendi & Michael Addessi
Kris & Tim Bagniefski
Lee Behensky
Kimberly & Patrick Bienvenue
Kelsey & Bryan Brink
Jeri Byrnes
Pat Calafell
Terrie & Mark Caldevilla
Darcey Callender
Elizabeth & Mike Carrere
Erica & Wilkes Coleman
Kathy & Fitz Conner
Nancy & Steve Crane
Ann & Bill Crowder
Bette & Bob Crowder
Susan Dei
Genevieve & Lawrence Dimmitt
Sarah Page & Nate Dopking
Ruth & Tom duPont
Megan & Thomas Feindt
Marian Finehirsh
Laura & Joe Gagnon
Elizabeth & Marcelino Garcia
Charlotte & Charlie Hardwick

Malcolm Harris
Sherri van Eyck & William Harris
Shelly & Glenn Hayden
Wendi & Nick Hoffer
Lisa Smithson
Diana & David Jeffries
Jamie & Brent Jones
Dr. Gilbert Joseph
Hilary & Steve Kasarjian
Virginia Klein
Kim & Neil Lamis
Dr. Katherine Lewis
Lou Phillips Painting, Inc.
Joe Logar
Cheryl & Chad Lucente
Kelli Mitchell
Maretta Mott
Dixie Myers
Beth & Clovis Neal
Jeannie & Ken Nicholson
Ali & Dennis Pitocco
Maya & Alfonso Ponce
Jacqueline Preis
Fitz Rawls

Marsha Reimink
Susan & Fred Rice
Cindy & Bill Risser
Ann Roche
Erica & Carl Rude
Karlyn & Marc Sachs
Angela Settlemyre
Kasi & Elliot Sharp
Amy & David Silver
Jayne & John D. Simmons
Andi & Tommy Simon
E. Carol & David Stefany
Catherine & Patrick Storch
Gabriela & Liviu Tanase
Jessica & Eric Thiel
Nettie Thomson
Debra & Todd Turner
Jeffrie & Harry van Loveren
Laura & Roger Vaughan
Ingrid von Thaden
Tane Wilson
Barbara Woods