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Donate Your Horse

Thank you in advance for considering Quantum Leap Farm as a future home for your horse. If you’re interested in donating a horse, please complete the form below and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

Quantum Leap Farm uses calm, gentle therapy horses in all of our therapeutic programs. To ensure the safety of our participants and staff, we only take horses who are sound, quiet, fully trained and can be trusted with a variety of riders.

Our horses have night or day-time turnout and are groomed daily. We have a staff of skilled Barn Managers, Volunteers and an Equine Program Supervisor who care for our horses 7 days a week. For all horse donations, we require a minimum 30-day trial period. is a secure website with extended SSL validation. This insures that sensitive information transmitted through our website is secure and encrypted.

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Owner/Donor Information

Please indicate where the horse is currently located.
Trial Period*
We only accept horses on a minimum trial period of 30 days. Are you willing to accept these terms?
First Right of Refusal*
Should your horse become unsuitable for our program, are you willing/able to provide a retirement home for your horse?

Basic Horse Information

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Please describe your horse's current stall/turnout schedule.

Medical Information

Please include any and all historic and current medical information, including vaccination status, current medications, current conditions, history of non-sweating, etc.

Skills and Training

Horse is sound for the following gaits and/or activities:
Has your horse been handled and/or ridden recently? Please also address any formal training and experience your horse has in any discipline.
Please describe.
Please describe how your horse behaves with farriers. What sort of shoeing does your horse require?
What bit do you like to use while riding your horse?
Please describe how your horse behaves on a lunge line.
Does your horse long line or drive?
Please describe how your horse behaves while loading, trailering and unloading.
Please describe how your horse behaves in cross ties.

Temperament and Personality

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the hottest), please rate your horse's temperament.
Pecking Order in Herd*
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Would you be willing to put your grandmother or child on this horse and turn them loose?*
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