Mission & Vision


Improve quality of life and cultivate human potential through equine-assisted therapies. 

Every horseman knows the relationship with a horse is special. For those with mental or physical disabilities or in the recovery process, this relationship can open the door to an entirely new realm of possibilities. Horse and human become partners in a therapeutic relationship, offering a multitude of opportunities to focus on abilities instead of disabilities, and a sense of ease rather than disease.

Countless participants have overcome physical and emotional barriers through our therapeutic programs. In their sessions, we don’t focus on weaknesses, but strengths, not battles, but victories. Our mission centers on recognizing the fact that having an injury or a disability may change the way you experience life, but it doesn’t change who you are.


Excellence, not perfection. At Quantum Leap Farm, we envision a world where people are accepted unconditionally: warts and all. We recognize that scars and imperfections are an inherent part of every individual, and contribute greatly to our identity, beauty and uniqueness. While we may not be perfect, we can still be excellent. We want every participant who walks, hobbles or rolls through our gates to reach their fullest potential and Spread Their Wings

“While we cannot control our circumstances, we can control our responses to them.”

– Viktor E. Frankl, PhD, Psychiatrist and Holocaust Survivor



We take a holistic, comprehensive approach to wellness and recovery. We focus on abilities, and encourage our participants to grow strong and resilient in mind, body and spirit.

Esprit de Corps

We hold dear that common spirit existing among all Quantum Leap Farm staff, volunteers and participants that inspires: enthusiasm, devotion, acceptance (warts and all), respect, and commitment to each other, and a strong mutual regard for the honor, dignity and well-being of the group.


We honor that special bond between horses and humans, and help realize the therapeutic potential in each unique relationship.


Our team is comprised of an array of licensed medical and mental health professionals, certified therapeutic riding instructors, experienced nonprofit management staff and equine professionals. We uphold the highest standards of client centered service: physical and emotional safety, the achievement of therapeutic goals through personalized instruction/therapy, preservation of confidentiality, and excessive use of fun!


We maintain a positive perspective. Yes … life is hard but together we are strong. We focus on letting go of the past, accepting the present and embracing the future, no matter what.


We value the peace and tranquility of our surroundings, and the quietness of mind and spirit they inspire. Enough said.


We think having fun is totally underrated and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We make it our business to play and generate smiles, hugs, warm nuzzles and lots of laughter, as laughter is always the best medicine.

Family First

We think there are few things more valuable than the connection, cohesion and sense of belonging we experience with the people we’re journeying through life with. Born into or chosen, family comes first!


We love being part of and contributing to something much greater than ourselves. While we honor and respect our participants’ independence and autonomy, we also acknowledge the beauty and mystery of our interdependence on each other and all living things.


We are committed to the mindful management of all assets, animate and in-animate, entrusted to us: financial resources, the land we operate on, the horses who make our work so beneficial, and the precious relationships we’ve built with each other, our clients, our donors and our volunteers.


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Therapeutic Riding

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