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Little Rider, Big Goals

By August 26, 2015October 1st, 2015Portraits

A few short weeks ago, Vedanten reached a notable therapeutic riding milestone…

Posting in a trot! After graduating from the pediatric program in Hippotherapy, Vedanten has already made tremendous progress as a rider in the Therapeutic Riding program and is seeing increased abilities in his small, but strengthening body.

Vedanten experiences spastic diplegia and wears braces on his legs to walk and ride. He began in the Hippotherapy program, with exercises that focused on core strengthening and included playing games on horseback to get core stabilization and muscle development in his legs. Now, Therapeutic Riding Instructor, Lisa Lendoiro has been working with Vedanten once a week, focusing on his ankles, calves, shins, and ankle flexion to develop his leg muscles in addition to horseback riding techniques. After only five weeks with Lisa, he’s already telling the horse to stop and go, steering the horse around obstacles and as mentioned before, posting in a trot which requires standing up in the stirrups. Lisa believes that he’s well on his way to riding on his own one day.

“He really loves to ride,” says Lisa. “He’s very relaxed on the horse and proving to be a very skilled rider.”

Vedanten’s mother, Nadine was elated with her son’s growth through Quantum Leap Farm and other organizations like Ronald McDonald house who have contributed to his healing journey. In an effort to express her gratitude and celebrate Vedanten’s 4th birthday, she invited friends, family, volunteers and instructors to a celebration in honor of everything his caretakers have contributed to his growth. Nadine says she now has to add “Learn to Ride a Horse” to her growing list of “Things to Learn to Keep up with Baby.”

The video below shows Vedanten navigating Reba around two barrels in two different directions with only very light spotting from the leader and listening to commands from the instructor.

For more information about our Therapeutic Riding or Hippotherapy programs, please continue browsing our website, or call Quantum Leap Farm at 813-920.9250.