Occupational Therapy

Quantum offers occupational therapy using the horse’s movement to strengthen core, balance, focus and speech improvement for children and adults.

When Rylie was born, she had a stroke in-utero. She was born prematurely, which resulted in her having cerebral palsy. A dreamer and a fighter, Rylie’s goal was to be able to walk by the time she went to school. This is her story.

Mattie is a playful girl with a sense of humor. She was born prematurely on Good Friday and now lives with cerebral palsy. She rides weekly at Quantum Leap Farm with Miss Alexis and Idaho. This is her story.

“What I see borders on the miraculous because of the way a horse reaches to the heart of somebody, like no therapy ball every could.”

– Miriam Burk

About Occupational Therapy

At Quantum Leap Farm, we provide occupational therapy incorporating equine movement as a treatment strategy. With this treatment, a licensed therapist uses the characteristic movements of a horse to provide carefully graded sensory input. For clients recovering from injury or who have physical disability, this is an excellent exercise for improving functional mobility. Facilitated by our licensed occupational therapist, sessions are conducted mounted or on the ground.  Patient and therapist develop goals and treatment plans for functional improvements using the horse as a therapeutic tool and exploiting the horses’ movement to benefit the rider.  Goals do not involve horsemanship and are strictly focused on physical improvements in balance, proprioception, range of motion, postural control, muscular strength and endurance, and cardiovascular fitness.  Participants are referred through their physicians and therapists.

Little Leapers Program

Little Leapers, sponsored by Suncoast Credit Union, is a program formed in partnership with InterPLAY Learning Academy. InterPLAY utilizes a developmental relationship-based learning environment where the individual needs of each child are met through building healthy foundations for social, emotional, and academic growth.

After seeing significant increases in attention span and learning behaviors in students who received equine-assisted therapy, Dana Johnson (Executive Director, InterPLAY) wanted to incorporate Hippotherapy with Quantum Leap Farm into her school’s curriculum.

Now on it’s third year, the Little Leapers program works with five different classes on multiple six-week program rotations. Children ages 4 to 18 on the autism spectrum are developing healthy social skills, increasing their capacity for learning and adapting more appropriately with their environments.

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David and I are so very grateful to Alexis, Lisa and to Quantum Leap Farm for these past few months of therapy for Olivia. We have observed so much progress, not only in her physical abilities, but also her speech and language development.

Ruth, Mother of a Participant, 2015

To see Tammy's excited face when she rides brings me so much joy. I had searched for a long time for a program she could participate in with no success until now. Thank you for your patience and understanding of her special needs.

Sherry, Sister of Participant

Hold your horses! We are currently at capacity for our Occupational Therapy Program.


Thank you so much for your interest in our Equine Therapy programs at Quantum Leap Farm. At this time due to community demand we are at capacity for our Therapeutic Riding program and Occupational Therapy program. Unfortunately we are not currently accepting new clients into these programs or onto the waitlist.

Please review the list below of other Equine Therapy centers in the nearby area to see if they may fit your needs. Please take the time to research the facility to make sure they are appropriate for your situation as each facility is unique in what services they have to offer.


  1. Kiddy Up Ranch
  2. Bakas Equestrian Center
  3. Inspire Equine Therapy Program
  4. Emerald M Therapeutic Riding Center
  5. TherHappy


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