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Quantum Kids Camp 2015

By June 29, 2015August 14th, 2015Programs

This year’s Kids Summer Camp ended with a splash! Summer Camp at Quantum Leap Farm is always a time of fun and learning for the children that participate. Kids Camp is open to children of all abilities, ages 4-14. We had mostly girls this round, but boys are welcome too!

Instructor, Carrie Peterson led each day with a different style of horsemanship. Kids took turns on the horses learning a variety of riding techniques and even had a “Circus Day” where they got to stand up on the horse’s back! A break indoors provided the children with some cool air and an educational arts & crafts activity including Pony Pictionary, learning different breeds and horse facts.

While playing with horses is always everyone’s favorite, the children also learned the importance of taking good care of horses and they helped in the barn to groom the horses, clean their stalls and give them fresh water. Occupational Therapist, Alexis Lopez gave a lesson on horse anatomy, revealing that despite how it looks, horses bodies are very similar to humans!

Last but certainly not least, this year’s Kids Summer Camp saw a big improvement when generous community members pooled their funds to rent a giant, inflatable water slide! Each Camp day ended with water games that provided a much-needed cool down after a long hot day. The Quantum staff couldn’t resist the fun either and on the lasts day, everyone took a turn down the slide.

We were sad to see Summer Camp come to a close, but are excited to go again next year!

If you or your child are interested in participating in Summer Camp next year, please contact us at