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Portrait of Susan

By October 12, 2014March 31st, 2015Portraits

Susan and Jenna with StanMy name is Susan and I’ve been participating in Quantum Leap Farm’s therapeutic horseback riding program for several years now. I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was seven years old and even though I started riding as a teenager, I’ve never ridden at any barn quite like Quantum Leap. Apart from the beautiful facilities, the first thing that strikes you is the caring and generosity of the people who serve there.

They work with your abilities and deficits to custom-fit a program to your specific needs. I’ve reaped the benefits of their program in many different ways. Physically I have developed more strength in my core muscles and legs, as well as increased the range of motion in my shoulders. Mentally there has been nothing better for my state of mind than being outdoors on a horse.  I always feel happier, refreshed, and more relaxed after my lessons. Socially it has been so much fun to meet new people and develop new friendships at QLF.

Just as special as the people who work there, are the therapy horses. I’ve been privileged to have developed a special relationship, first with Cowboy, then with Tie.  Now I ride many different therapy horses at Quantum Leap.  (On this page I’m on Stan with Jenna Miller in a therapeutic session.)  To be able to exchange my sore tired feet for their strong steady ones is truly freedom indeed! I know that the Bible says in Isaiah 40:31 that “those who wait on the Lord, shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles…” but for me personally, I’d much rather mount up on horses hooves!