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Automotive News- Gator Ford Volunteers

By April 13, 2015August 14th, 2015Media, Other

“As part of a community, we help each other get back on the horse again.” – David Kilcoye, President, Gator Ford

When David Kilcoyne was looking for a way the team at Gator Ford could give back to their community, it only took a short trip out to the countryside to find an organization that fit.

“I fell in love with Quantum Leap Farm (QLF) the first time I volunteered,” Kilcoyne said. “It’s a great organization that uses horses to help handicapped individuals and injured veterans increase flexibility and muscle tone, and builds up their self-esteem.” As volunteers for over four years, Kilcoyne and many of the Gator Ford employees make sure riders have a safe and fun experience by helping them onto the horses, spotting them while they go through drills and encouraging them throughout their riding sessions. “What I’ve seen at QLF is that it’s a total therapeutic program that allows participants to gain confidence and a feeling of purpose,” Kilcoyne said. “I feel blessed to have found a place that allows me and my employees to help others improve their quality of life. It’s extremely rewarding.”

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Featured in Automotive News, April, 13, 2015