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Partial Sponsor: Devin Phillips

Breed: Rocky Mountain Gaited Horse
Color: Chestnut
Birth Date: January 14, 1999
Size: 15.2 H
Donor: Barbara Woods & Judd Stables
Arrival Date: November 1, 2015

Luther is a medium gelding which makes him a perfect fit for all our programs! Although Luther loves his stall time, he is always happy to go to work. His ambling gait, as smooth as his coat, provides our participants a stable and balanced ride. Luther is quite comfortable on trail, having completed multiple Century Rides and Civil War re-enactments. This past experience makes him unflappable in almost any situation. Luther is such an asset in our At E.A.S.E. Program – he prefers people to his own herd mates! He uses his lips like fingers as he investigates your pockets for a hidden cookie, or entices you to reach down and scratch his belly!

Adopt Luther!Adopt Luther!

2022 Adopters

Patricia Calafell – In Memory of Ray Calafell, Jr.
Liza Delgado
Patti Ochipa
Nancy Perdue
Jolene & Peter Randolph