Sponsor: Tracey Pearce & TECO Energy

Breed: Rocky Mountain Gaited gelding
Age: 16
Size: 15.2 H
Donor: Barbara Woods & Judd Stables
Arrival Date: November 2015

Luther’s ambling gait provides a really smooth ride. He has a beautiful soft eye, and is playful and affectionate with everyone he meets. Luther is quite comfortable on trail having completed multiple “century rides” (100 miles) and Civil War re-enactments in his past. Obviously he’s pretty unflappable – that’s a really good thing given all the high-energy kiddos who ride him here at Quantum! Luther lived outside in a pasture in Kentucky before he came to Quantum Leap Farm. Although he loves his grass, he really appreciates his cozy stall here at Quantum and loves to take naps under his fan in the warm weather.