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Your generous 2020 calendar donation will support our participant scholarship fund and help us provide special moments like the one provided for Magnolia!

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Magnolia’s dad, Aaron, is a veteran who recently participated in one of our therapeutic military retreats.  He attended the retreat hoping for help in coping with the loss of Magnolia’s younger sister Scarlett, who tragically passed away in July of 2018. Filled with hope and appreciation, Aaron wrote a letter explaining how much he benefitted from attending. He requested an opportunity to return to Quantum with his family. 

Aaron reached out and asked if we could arrange a meet-and-greet with one of our horses for Magnolia’s birthday – her first since the loss of her sister. Aaron said Idaho reminded him of Magnolia’s love for unicorns and thought meeting her might help lift her spirits. Although the family was still mourning Scarlett, Aaron strove to make Magnolia’s birthday special.

We knew it was important to make the experience a happy and memorable one. We surprised Magnolia with a “real life” unicorn encounter! Adorned with flowers, glitter and a unicorn horn, Idaho looked the part. Magnolia couldn’t take her eyes off her magical steed. It was a memorable and joyful experience for Magnolia, Aaron and their family. Seeing the big smiles and hearing their laughter, we were moved to tears. We are so thankful to help bring a little birthday joy to a deserving family after surviving through a tragedy.

So many magical moments at Quantum Leap Farm are made possible through the generosity of supporters like you. Your gifts enable us to provide scholarships to deserving veterans, pediatric cancer patients, kids and adults with special needs and their family members.

With your 2020 calendar donation, you’ll help provide a scholarship for another deserving veteran like Aaron, or a child like Magnolia. With your help in 2020, we’ll continue improving quality of life and cultivating human potential through equine-assisted therapies for our clients!