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Twinkle Toes | Twinkles

Full Sponsor: Adele S Bernett Estate Fund


Partial Sponsor: BJ Charlton

Breed: Connemara Pony
Color: Grey
Birth Date: December 15, 2010
Height: 13.3 H
Owner: Phoebe, Cassidy, David, Margo and Mark Lalli
Arrival Date: August 23, 2019

Twinkles is every little girl’s dream: a beautiful white pony, living right here at Quantum Leap Farm! Twinkles hit the jackpot when Mark & Margo Lalli bought her for their TWIN girls, Phoebe & Cassidy. We anticipate the girls will occupy Twinkles’ saddle soon, for now she’s a huge help in our Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy Programs at Quantum Leap Farm.
Mark is a Veteran participant in our Therapeutic Riding Program – he’s also a donor, a former Board member and now a horse owner!
This young mare is sweet and sassy – she likes her pasture mates Sam and Ariel, but she loves meeting Idaho at the fence for some equine gossip!

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2022 Adopters

Sharon Feola
Ken & Sharon Henriquez
Marcia Kometa
Frank & Cindy Pidala