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Breed: American Morgan
Birth Date: 
June 3, 2001
Color: Bay
14.2 H
 Kelsie Dabelstein
Arrival Date: January 1, 2007

Please make way for Prince Tie-Tie! He stands at 14.2 hands, has a pin-up handsome face and this American Morgan Horse is the prima donna of the farm. His stunning good looks made him a knock-out in halter class and his beautiful Morgan leg-action is evident whether he competed as a hunter, in western pleasure or stylishly pulling a carriage. Although we took Tie out of the show ring, we can’t take the show out of Tie. His registration papers indicate he is one of the last of the Kohler family Morgans, and Tie knows it – he is always ready for a photo-op and loves applause.
Tie was a staple in all our programs – he provided consistency for our younger kiddos while challenging our Military participants in the E.A.S.E. program. Tie loved his job, but is now fully retired after 20+ years of service!! He now gets to just enjoy his days grazing on Quantum’s pastures and being loved on by staff and volunteers. He will never turn down a delicious banana and good neck scratch. When you find that spot, he arches his pretty neck and pulls his lips back into a smile!

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2023 Adopters

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Barbara Janks
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