Black Tie Affair | “Tie”

Sponsored by: Nancy Whitehurst

Breed: Morgan
15 H
Donated by:
 Kelsie Dabelstein

Tie, or Black Tie Affair, was donated by Kelsie Dabelstein and is sponsored by Nancy Whitehurst. He’s a pin-up handsome Morgan who stands at 15 hands, born in 2002. His stunning looks made him a knock-out in halter class and his beautiful action is evident whether he competes as a hunter, in Western Pleasure or stylishly pulling a carriage. Breeding will tell–he is one of the last Kohler Morgans. But Tie’s not impressed, he just wants you to scratch his neck. When you do, he arches his pretty neck and pulls his lips back into a smile. Tie likes horse cookies and anything anyone else worth eating. He’s the original party animal.