Champagne Dude | “Thunder”

Sponsored by: Jackie Martino & Buffalo Wild Wings

Breed: Paint
15.3 H
Donated by:
 Penny O’Dea

It comes as a surprise to learn that our 15.3 hand black gelding, Thunder, is a registered Paint. If you look very closely you can see a lighter and darker pattern of pigmented skin underneath his glossy black hair. His official American Paint Horse registered name is “Champagne Dude,” and although he is no Big Lebowski, he’s pretty easy going. Born in 1995, he was donated to Quantum Leap by one of our volunteers, Penny O’Dea. Currently Thunder is spending the summer in the cool air of North Carolina under the care of his co-sponsor, our Board member and volunteer, Jackie Martino. Thunder is also sponsored by our corporate partners, Buffalo Wild Wings.