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Retired to Brooksville, FL

Sponsor: Mark Lalli

Breed: Appaloosa/Quarter Horse
15 H
Arrival Date:

Sonic came to Quantum in 2004, when he was 9 years old. He’s a 15.2 H, bay Appaloosa/Quarter Horse with a small white blanket on his rump. He has a kind eye and a heart of gold, and served in all our programs for many years as an all-time favorite. Sonic is sponsored by one of our donors and participants, Veteran Mark Lalli. He loves to cuddle and get hugs. Kiss him on his soft nose and he’ll sigh with contentment. Sonic loves sweets and always eats a piece of cake at birthday parties.

He developed cancer when he was in his late teens. It was treated surgically, but returned a couple of years later. He’s doing well – and has happily retired in Brooksville.