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Mack Truck

Full Sponsor: The Litschgi Family


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Breed: Belgian Draft Horse
Color: Palomino
Birth Date: October 1, 2009
Size: 18.3 H
Arrival Date: April 1, 2023

Mack is nothing “short” of his name! He stands at a whopping 18.3 H and towers over the rest of the herd. Although Mack has a big boy presence he loves nothing more than his tiny herd mate, Waffles! You can always catch these two grazing on lush pastures side by side. Mack spent his career doing light dressage and was part of a mounted patrol unit. He works with our large riders in the Therapeutic Riding program and was already an instant therapy horse with our veterans and active military participants who come from the VA. If he is not hanging out with Waffles or in programs, you can catch him laying down in the pastures for a snooze!

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2023 Adopters

Daphne Fourquerean
Kristi Stovall