Johnny “Bitcoin” Cash

Co-Sponsored by: BlockSpaces, Shawn Regan, Mike Reed, Cristine Folz, Jeff & Michele Laine

Breed: Clydedale
Age: 13 years old
Size: 18 H
Arrival Date:  January 2014
Donated by: Karen Unger

We were looking for a large horse to carry some of our adult riders and we got one in spades! At 18 hands and somewhere around 1800 pounds, this Clydesdale draft horse is more than up to the task. Johnny was donated by Karen Unger in 2014, and he has already made his presence felt at Quantum Leap Farm. Just to watch him stride across the barnyard, led by one of our experienced volunteer horse handlers, is a thrill. Born in 2006, Johnny is young for a draft horse, but he is already level-headed and steady in the therapeutic ring. A light bay with liberal splashes of white markings, Johnny is a must see for all visitors to QLF.