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Full Sponsor: The Brink Foundation


Partial Sponsor: Sue Dei

Breed: Percheron/Welsh Pony
Color: Grey
Birth Date: March 15, 1998
Size: 13.2 H
Donated by: Jodi Hanna
Arrival Date: June 13, 2008

Idaho is as round as a potato, but we think she looks more like an angel! She is as sweet as a draft horse and as opinionated as a pony, which makes Idaho our go-to mare! We use her regularly in our Hippotherapy & Therapeutic Riding programs because of her patient demeanor with children and her petite stature. Idaho’s white coat makes her the perfect canvas for our finger-painting kiddos experiencing kinesthetic therapy during our Family Fun Days!
Idaho is always ready to trade kisses for treats, and will sometimes even flash you a big toothy smile. She also enjoys long pasture grazes with her pasturemate Johnny!

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2022 Adopters

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