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Dino | Dinosaur

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Breed: Suffolk Punch
Color: Chestnut
Birth Date: July 15, 2006
Size: 17 H
Arrival Date: December 9, 2021

Suffolk Punch is a rare breed of quintessential giants with sweet, quiet personalities. Dino is nothing short of that and became an instant therapy horse! He is patient, mellow and sweet – Dino adores belly rubs, treats and kind words. In the arena, he’s accepting of all things that come with being a therapy horse, from shooting hoops to noodle jousts and corn hole! Dino serves our medium to large adult riders in Therapeutic Riding and kiddos on our Family Fun Days. He is also the gentle giant of our mental health EASE program, teaching many that our physical appearance does not equate to who we truly are!

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2022 Adopters

Layne Gregory
Rhianna Hill
Karen & Robert Westfall
Carol Zavrella