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Breed: Quarter Horse / Percheron Cross
Color: Buckskin
Birth Date: January 1, 2009
Size: 17.2 H
Donated by: Lisa Butash
Arrival Date: March 23, 2022

Barron is a big handsome horse with a big personality to match! He loves people and any sort of human attention but mostly praise pats and of course treats. He’s a retired field hunter and used to live with his old owner Lisa Butash and our other therapy horse, Flynn, who passed in 2022.
Barron wasn’t sure about his new job as a therapy horse, but after some settling in and learning that work can be relaxing too – he has become the biggest star in therapy across all of our programs! Barron helps medium to large riders in our Therapeutic Riding program gain independence, he is a pony ride master for all of our little ones at Family Fun Days, and who doesn’t want to hangout with this big and beautiful equine during EASE sessions for our veterans and rehabilitation groups!

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2023 Adopters

Joanna Allison
Brother’s Pest Control, Inc.
Gayle Delgado
Cheryl Lucente
Ann & Sam Parker
Lynn Plazewski
Bob Theisen
Janet Wichmann
Carol Zavarella