Breed: Drum Horse
Color: Chestnut
Birth Date: February 14, 2012
Size: 15.2 H
Owner: Roberta Skinner
Arrival Date: November 26, 2019

Ariel’s name makes lots of horse-sense, that is if you’ve seen Disney’s movie “The Little Mermaid”! Ariel, the horse, is also a beautiful young redhead who traded her aquatic life (with C Ponies Beach Horseback Rides) for a life on terra firma, at Quantum Leap Farm. Here, she shares a pasture with her prince, Sam.
Ariel, a beautiful chestnut Drum Horse is the youngest in our herd. In case you’re unfamiliar with her breed, Drum horses are Shire or Clydesdale, and Gypsy Vanner crosses. They’re known for their long flowing manes and tails, cool heads and sweet temperaments. Ariel is all that plus, she has that ginger sass – she knows exactly what she wants, but what mare doesn’t? Ariel is both willing and gentle which makes her very valuable in all of our programs.

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2020 Adopters

Tampa Bay Trust Company
Ilene Rosoff
Susan Griffin Worth