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We help people of all ages and abilities grow strong, achieve
therapeutic goals, and overcome challenges by engaging them with horses.

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Craig and SonicEvery horseman knows the relationship with a horse is special. But for those who are recovering from injury or who live with mental or physical disability, this relationship can open the door to new realms of possibility. Horse and human become partners in a therapeutic relationship which offers the opportunity to explore abilities rather than disabilities.  Participants learn to be at ease, rather than dis-eased.

Quantum Leap Farm, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization founded in 2000, is nationally recognized equestrian program serving injured and disabled civilian adults and children, as well as military service members and their families. We are able to provide these services only through the generous support of our local community and individuals like you.  Thank you for taking time to explore our website. We invite you to join our family of friends and supporters:  help us and our beautiful, gentle horses assist our clients on their journey to wellness. Read more about Quantum Leap Farm >>


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Thank you Azzarelli Builders!Azzarelli Builders Logo

Quantum Leap Farm thanks Azzarelli Builders for their donation of a beautiful and oh-so-necessary office building for QLF staff, board members, and guests to the Farm.  The building includes a conference room and four offices which is a great improvement over the two room office we cobbled out of the Farm's original feed shed!  We are so enjoying this fabulous space.



Susan and Jenna
Portrait of a Rider

My name is Susan and I've been participating in Quantum Leap Farm's therapeutic horseback riding program for several years now. I've had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was seven years old and even though I started riding as a teenager, I've never ridden at any barn quite like Quantum Leap. Apart from the beautiful facilities, the first thing that strikes you is the caring and generosity of the people who serve there. They work with your abilities and deficits to custom fit a program to your specific needs. I've reaped the benefits of their program in many different ways. Physically I have developed more strength in my core muscles and legs, as well as increased the range of motion in my shoulders. Mentally there has been nothing better for my state of mind than being outdoors on a horse.  Read More...  



Jenny and Christos
New York Yankees Tampa Foundation
      Honors Quantum Leap Farm During HOPE Week

The New York Yankees paid tribute to Quantum Leap Farm during their sixth consecutive HOPE Week (Helping Others Persevere & Excel).  Members of the Quantum Leap Family gathered together at Steinbrenner Field for a festive afternoon.  Jenny Steinbrenner Swindel welcomed Quantum Leap Farm participant Christos to the event.  The New York Yankees Tampa Foundation capped the event with a $10,000 check to help underwrite participation in our therapeutic equine programs.



Quantum Leap Farm Thanks the Disabled American Veteran's Charitable Service Trust

The DAV has been supporting veterans and Quantum Leap Farm's programs for veterans for many years.  Once again, the DAV is underwriting services to veterans including therapeutic riding, kinesthetic therapy, carriage driving, At EASE, and Family Fun Days.  Thank you Disabled American Veteran's Charitable Service Trust!



Letter from a Mom

Pediatric Cancer FFD

"We want to share why we love Makayla's Hands on Horses and Quantum Leap Farm.  Our daughter was diagnosed at 3 with a rare cancer and is now in remission at age 5.  Since May we have visited the Farm quite a few times.  We live in Lakeland, so it is a trek, but worth every mile.  To see her face light up when I tell her we are going is just the best feeling in the world.  It is a safe haven for her and her brothers.  It is just amazing to see them laugh together and do something where they are on equal ground.  Having a place like this to go and spend quality time together where our daughter is not singled out because of her issues is incredible and almost impossible to put into words.  She tells everyone that she has a special Farm where all her family and cancer friends can go and have fun.  For us, that is the best reason to continue this wonderful program.  God bless you all!"

To find our more about MaKayla's Hands on Horses Program for pediatric cancer at Quantum Leap Farm, Contact Us.