2018 Table Captain Toolkit

Thank you for participating as a Table Captain at Stirrup Hope 2018! Because of your passion for our mission and support of our therapy programs, you are a valuable ambassador of Quantum Leap Farm. The continuation of this annual event provides the opportunity to establish new relationships, educate the community about our mission and raise needed funds to provide equine-assisted therapy for individuals in need.

Important Dates

JAN 15-19: Send Invitation to guests

FEB 9: Submit final guest list to Sarah Page, Sarah@QuantumLeapFarm.org

FEB 19- 23: Call guests with a reminder

MAR 3. 5:30pm: Stirrup Hope 2018

MAR 5-9: Call guests to thank them for attending. Handwrite and send thank you notes. Please contact Edie or Sarah with feedback from your guests.