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Dear Quantum Leap Family, Thank you does not express how much you have meant to us. You make the world a better place – your kindness, understanding, training and patience is priceless.

Kevin and Jennifer, 2011 Therapeutic Riding Family

Michelle Ansley Raises $10,000 for QLF in Mount Kilimanjaro Climb

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MichelleandFirstResponderNews_000What Goes Up Must Come Down

Michelle Ansley is back from the heights of Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro.  We’re glad she’s home safe and sound and so proud of her accomplishment and the money she has raised for Quantum Leap Farm.  Almost $10,000 has been raised so far from generous donors who have been inspired by her extraordinary effort. We hope you’ll join Michelle in fundraising for Quantum Leap’s At EASE Law Enforcement Program. Gifts toward Michelle’s Mount Kilimanjaro Climb will help underwrite Law Enforcement and other First Responders’ participation in our unique peer to peer program for stress management.  Make a secure donation right here. Read More

I enjoy the trips to the horse farm because it allows me to spend time with the horses. It helps me to relax and have a good time riding the horses. I feel that the opportunity to enjoy the environment and it helps me mentally to focus on the morning ride. I want to thank you for this opportunity to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. I feel that it is good for my spirit and soul. This chance to have time with the horses has allowed me to enjoy my ride and my friendship with the people and animals. Thank you for sponsoring this time to go to the horse farm. I would like to tell you that this experience has allowed my to not worry about my mental disposition. I would like to continue to participate in the horse farm experience. I am a vet that feels that this program to enjoy nature and have a personal relation with the people and animals. You have helped me to look at the world around me and not always on my illness. I thank for the chance to sponsor us to enjoy the horse back riding. Thank you.

Anonymous Veteran

What a wonderful experience. Liz and Clare knocked themselves out to care for my dear wife. Despite she is losing her eyesight, they were so compassionate with her. You can be very proud with what you offer the public.

Ken who brought his wife for a therapeutic visit 2010

It has been an amazing weekend. I have learned so many things about myself. I didn’t expect this weekend to be as insightful as it was.

WOW Participant

The activities with the horses were so powerful, I saw so much of the dynamic between my husband and I play out. I was able to be open with others trying to deal with similar issues. My frustration and lack of knowledge were exhausting my ability to care for my whole family.

WOW Participant