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Stick around for a chance to win a professional photoshoot

right here at Quantum Leap Farm!

Having trouble tuning in?

We can help! Call: 813-920-9250
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We need your support this year more than ever, as we adapt to economic changes and simultaneous increasing demands for equine-assisted mental health services during these uncertain and stressful times.

We appreciate the many positive impacts you’ve made on our organization, and the brave and deserving kids and adults we serve. Thanks again for your kindness and consideration – we wish you and your family continuing health and happiness as we navigate the pandemic together.

Thank You Generous Sponsors

Thank You to our Committee…

…for their hard work and dedication in preparing a very special event and experience that can be shared with all!

Ann Miller-Baker          Lee Behensky
Luke Filloramo              Edie Dopking
Mike Sexton                  Claudia Torres
Jeffrie van Loveren       Emily Westfall