Mark Lalli

Volunteer Photographer

Quick Facts:

Military Veteran

Participant for 3 years

Married at the Farm to QLF Volunteer, Margo Rice

Sponsors Sonic

Mark is a participant, in-house photographer and volunteer staff member at Quantum Leap Farm. At the Farm, he records the daily triumphs of challenged and disabled colleagues with his trusty camera.   He doesn’t want anyone to miss the progress of their recovery. As staff photographer for QLF, Mark uses his talent to capture beautiful and moving images of events we’ve hosted in partnership with our community partners: Wounded Warrior Project, 1Voice Foundation, Special Ops Survivors Foundation and others.

As a medically retired service member and a Wounded Warrior, Mark could be content to rest on his laurels. Instead, he mentors other service members recovering from war-related injuries, reaching out through the Wounded Warrior Project, the local VA hospitals, and at Quantum Leap Farm. He is passionate about shaking off stereotypes and is interested in everything. Mark has suited up to play hockey, waterski, and of course, ride horses. As Mark says, “Every day is an Alive Day.” Actively engaged to another Quantum Leap volunteer, Mark is pursuing his goals for the future “…to raise a family and be the best person I can be in every aspect of life.”