Warrior’s Road | “Roadie”

Retired to Bowling Green, KY


Breed: Oldenburg gelding
Age: 21 years old
16 H
Donated by: Linda & Dave Green

“Roadie” is a sweet 16 H chestnut Oldenburg gelding with a heart of gold! He was donated to Quantum Leap Farm in February 2016 by Linda & Dave Green. Roadie is a “schoolmaster” who knows his way around a dressage ring, and also has extensive trail experience. His versatility and easy-going personality made him a participant favorite! He was a star horse in our Therapeutic Riding sessions, EASE groups and Family Fun Days. A highlight of his therapy horse career occurred when he got to spend some time helping train a brain-injured soon-to-be para-Olympian rider, Marie! Roadie retired to Kentucky, due to inability to cope with the Florida heat and humidity. He’s living with pasture buddy, Stanley Cup, another Quantum retiree.