Ponce was a show and pleasure horse in addition to serving as a therapy horse at QLF. This 17.2 hand grey Dutch Warmblood was born in 1999 and owned by Pam Price. When it was time to work, he knew his job; but when it was time to play, he was best described as a fun-loving clown. Why did we call him “Swamp-Thang”? Because he loved to wade in the water and roll in the mud. Born completely black, Ponce’s coat lightened as time passed leaving him with a beautiful flea-bitten gray coat after 19 years. He was also the game instigator of the pasture, finding sticks or stealing a lead rope from the gate, to entice the other horses into a game of tug o’ war. Ponce was adored by many and was sadly and mercifully put down shortly in June 2016 due to a myriad of physical illnesses. His last morning was spent grazing with his best bud, Cowboy with one last roll in the mud before saying goodbye.