Ganelon D’ Ambre | Ganelon

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Breed: Selle Francais
Color: Flea-Bitten Grey
Birth Date: April 2, 1994
Size: 16.1 H
Donor: Lauren Barth
Arrival Date: September 8, 2016

Ganelon was born in Marseille, France and years later imported to the United States for hunter/jumper equitation competition. He’s a smart, talented and well trained gelding although his occasional “love nibbles” have earned him a nickname: the Grumpy Frenchman. Not to worry, it seems Ganelon is good at everything and is quite useful in every program!

Ganelon loves spending his time in the pasture with his equine girlfriend Idaho. He has accumulated a human fan club too and they all know what to bring him when they come to visit — BANANAS! This big guy is like his favorite snack: he may have a tough exterior but inside he’s just soft and sweet!

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2020 Adopters

Bob Fields
Catherine & Carrie Anna Mason
Nancy Perdue
Ashley & Ben Porch
Mary Ann Skinner
Cliff Steinfield