Sponsored by: Assured Guaranty Corp.

Breed: Quarter Horse
15.3 H
Donated by:
 John Faulkner

Cowboy is a 15.3 hand bay Quarter Horse born in 1996. He was donated by John Faulkner. Cowboy was a show Reiner prior to joining our therapeutic riding program. Cowboy’s specialty is helping riders who are amputees or have limited arm and leg strength as it takes the softest of cues for him to respond. His missing eye is a result of  glaucoma, but is a symbol of resilience that resonates with so many of our participants. He takes his job seriously and is affectionate and attentive to his riders – particularly with children. Cowboy comes running at the sound of cellophane, knowing it means a peppermint treat (but he’ll happily eat any human munchie). He also loves a good back scratch and will try to return the favor to his groomers! Cowboy is proudly sponsored by George Mulry and Billy O’Keefe at Assured Guaranty.